Lightning 1.0 Testing Week

Hello Lightning users and testers,

With the forthcoming release of Lightning 1.0, we would like to organize a community driven testing event in order improve subsequent versions of Lightning, making sure that it isn’t regressing in any major way. This event will take place during the week starting on November the 13th. If you use Lightning regularly, it should be quite easy to participate.

What do I need to do to participate ?

  • You will need to sign up by sending an email to who will coordinate the testing effort. Mention “Lightning testing” in the subject.(1)
  • You will need some free time on that week to perform some tests.
  • You will need an account on – this is the tool that we will use to track testing and you might need an account on to report defects.

How would my involvement participation would look like ?

  • You read this – send the email and create the accounts that you might need.
  • On the day we start the event you’ll get an email with detailed instructions on what needs to be tested and links to getting started.
  • You follow the links and select some test in litmus.
  • Test
  • Report if the test is ok, or borked
  • If borked you file a bug.

It’s that simple !!!

And while this test will be happening – we will also test Thunderbird 10. If you also want to help just let us know when you signup

(1) signing up ensures that the test workload can be distributed amongst the participants – if we don’t do that install get’s tested 4 times and alarms might end up not being tested.


  1. Enlisted… Let the rolling begin…

  2. I had lightning 1.0rc2 working just fine, and an update came though for 1.0rc3. I OKed installing it, and now no version of calender works on my version of TB 8 beta. I was told to delete a folder when I tried to update from 1.0 rc1 to 1.0 rc2. I did that and rc2 worked. Tried same thing with this version, and now calender does not work at all. When is the actual released version of 1.0 to be released. It is frustration to have an add on working perfectly and then the new version causes the add on to be disable completely. I hope that version one is released pronto. It is really frustrating to have a supposedly new version released and then find out it does not work properly and the old version doesn’t work either.