Localization Schedule for Lightning 1.1 and beyond

Now that Lightning 1.0 has been released, we can move forward and adapt to the rapid release schedule that Thunderbird and Firefox are using. In terms of development we will do this gradually but for localization we will do so right away. From now on, if you are already used to the Firefox/Thunderbird localizations you can think the same for Calendar.

Here is an overview of where to get the sources and see the translation progress

en-US source locale source dashboard current version until merge
comm-beta l10n/mozilla-beta cal_beta Lighting 1.1 / Thunderbird 9
comm-aurora l10n/mozilla-aurora cal_aurora Lighting 1.2 / Thunderbird 10
comm-central l10n-central cal_central Lighting 1.3 / Thunderbird 11

Specifically for Lightning 1.1, we have managed to open a milestone for Lightning 1.1. I’d like to encourage you to sign off on this milestone until December 5th so we can be ready in time for the release on December 20th.


  1. Are there plans to integrate Lightning more closely into TB? In other words: Will Lightning one day become an integrated part of TB?

  2. Why bother with a compatibility table? Instead, why not just follow Thunderbird’s release number?
    “Lightning 9.0 is compatible with Thunderbird 9.0” sounds much less confusing than “Lightning 1.1 is compatible with Thunderbird 9.0”

  3. Ronan, see the mozilla.dev.apps.calendar newsgroup for more discussion on this topic. Since Thunderbird is not the only product we support, we don’t want to bind our version numbers so much. With the +.1 scheme we don’t have to worry about version numbers exploding. Do you really want to see Lightning 20 soon? I understand your concerns though.

  4. Hi,
    I wonder if there will have a ESR version of lightning which will follow Thunderbird ESR version.
    As you know, lightning is very useful in administration and enterprise and we ask Mozilla for a long time support or a ESR version support of thunderbird. As i know, it will begin with Thunderbird 10 in January 2012.
    Bests regards

  5. Frédéric, I’m not sure yet how we can manage the ESR releases, but I’ll be talking with some people about this. There will be a compatible release in any case though and I could imagine new releases with select patches applied.

  6. I was able to get the 1.1b1 of Lightning off addons, but there doesn’t appear to be a Thunderbird 9.0 Beta “compatible” google data provider. I’ve disabled compatibility checking, and the old version still appears to work, but where can i find the right version?

  7. Philipp, in answer to:
    – “Do you really want to see Lightning 20 soon?”, my answer as a lambda end-user is “I don’t care”. What matters more to me is to be able to easily understand the Tb compatibility of a given Ligntning release. That’s a big feature.
    – “Thunderbird is not the only product we support”: OK, but it’s also your most-used product, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it deserve ESR treatment, as such?
    Thanks for taking my feedback into account! Glad this aspect is considered!