Lightning 1.1. released

I’m happy to announce that Lightning 1.1 has been released. If you were having trouble with alarms then you will want to upgrade to Thunderbird 9 (or Seamonkey 2.6) and Lightning 1.1.

If you are experiencing issues (Lightning not installing or the calendar not working at all), I’d suggest uninstalling Lightning and then doing a fresh install. Your calendar data will be kept intact, as it is contained in your profile.

You can get the builds on, as always.


  1. Hi: looks as though Aurora is now a version 11alpha and Central is a version 12alpha.

  2. Thanks much for your work.
    Any chance to get a version of Lightning for Thunderbird 10 beta?

  3. @Mishail – you can find links to development builds at

  4. Installed TB 9.0 with Lightning 1.1 in the hopes that I can now again drag and drop event invitations into my Google calendar. Unfortunately, I see no change in this respect (though this used to work for me in the past – I believe in TB 7.0 with 1.0b7).
    Thanks a lot for the otherwise excellent calendar!

  5. @Matthew Mecca
    Yep, where comm-beta folders are empty

  6. What changed between 1.0 and 1.1?

  7. Guy, I’ll take care of the official release notes soon, but here’s the raw list:

  8. Wow guys, thank you so much! This is awesome ;-) Goodbye outlook for me. Is lightning ever going to be integrated to Thunderbird by default? Every Thunderbird user should have this extension. Come on guys make it happen. There are a lot of enterprises looking to replace Outlook! I know I work in one.

  9. Guys, i’ve updated my thunderbird 9.01 and seems like my lightning 1.1 is not working >> my important appointments and tasks not shown on screen! Whats up with the tweak? Please update me thanks!

  10. The home page on the add-on is listed as “” which is 404.

  11. Some people (like John Mills) hope for Lightning to be integrated by default. Some other people (like me) do not need nor like Thunderbird as an e-mail client, keep it on their PCs for its calendar extension (i.e. Lightning) only, and still hope that some day a standalone version (i.e. the one that used to be called Sunbird) will appear again :).

  12. Hello, I like Lightning very much and use it all the time for my private calendar entries or to do appointments with my friends as well. I told them to use Thunderbird for their emails and to use Lightning, too. So we all can keep attached.
    But, if you do a new release, there should be the possibility to click on an entry, which comes up in time, as you can do in the moment. But 1 checkbox is missing: “DONE” !!!!
    In the moment you only can delete this entry, but than it is gone and you can’t use Lightning as a diary.
    I hope it is not to much work to implement that feature.
    Up to now it is a 4-star calendar, with this additional feature it will be a 5-star one.
    Regards Axl

  13. After upgrade to TB 9.01 I am not able to see tasks and events in Lightning 1.1, calendars seem to be empty (my platform is Windows XP Pro SP3, cs-CZ).
    Is there any way to get this work? I tried procedure mentioned on
    – i.e. modify bundled timezones.sqlite but without success. Thanks for help.

  14. Using TB 10 beta1 and Linux x64 beta Lightning. Right click calendar date and New Event is not available. Double-click calendar date to create new event but would much rather have the right-click functionality working.

  15. I downloaded and installed Thunderbird (clean and new). Then I downloaded and installed Lightning. Total waste of disk space. I cannot create events or tasks at all. System: Windows XP.

  16. Philipp Kewisch

    Bryan, a fix for this will be in 1.1.1 which is due any day now!

  17. Hi guys,
    I have installed your Lightning today and I’m really very happy for it’s functinality.
    But as no application is absolutelly perfect, I have one suggestion (I would appreciate).
    The Task list should have tabs or a select (roll) item with used cathegories to better separate diverse tasks. I know about column for cathegories but tabs would be more useful.
    It could be also fine to be able to edit the cathegories (delete unnecessarry and add own).
    Thank you and good luck!

  18. Report Type Version Application Application Build Platform Submitted
    Problem 1.1 Thunderbird 9.0.1 20111223084940 SunOS i86pc January 5, 2012

  19. Hello,
    Lightning 1.1 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Thunderbird 9.0.1 Solaris x86

  20. now functions it thanks

  21. Lightning 1.1 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Thunderbird 9.0.1 – OSX 10.7.2