Lightning 1.3 Released

I am happy to announce, that Lightning 1.3 has been released. This build is compatible only to Thunderbird 11 and Seamonkey 2.8. The most prominent features in this release are:

  •  Support for Apple iCloud and Chandler servers improved
  • Support for high contrast themes (needs to be enabled in the preferences)
  • New toolbar to adapt to Thunderbird’s Tabs-on-Top

A full listing of bugs fixed is available here. Contributed builds, for example for Solaris are available here.


  1. Lightning 1.3 is not compatible with Thunderbird 10.x. Can it be assumed that Lightning 1.2.x will continue to be maintained for those organizations that will be using Thunderbird 10.xESR until Feb 2013?

    • Philipp Kewisch

      In addition to Lightning 1.3 we have also uploaded Lightning 1.2.3 which contains a bugfix for invitations. What I am not sure of is that the update process works correctly. Do you receive automatic updates to Lightning 1.2.3 on your ESR release via

      I will continue to push enterprise related fixes to the Lightning 1.2.x branch at least until the next ESR release, but I can’t promise how often this will happen.

  2. Daniel Einspanjer

    Thank you for your continued work on Lightning. I use it every day and am happy to have it.

    I use Earlybird, and I frequently find that my updating of lightning has fallen behind because I forget to download and install it. Is there any chance that something like the Lightning Nightly Updater could be re-instated?

    If there was a straight-forward plan, I’d be willing to try to contribute some time to help implement it.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Actually, I’m working on providing native updates through the addons manager. See bug 322522 and especially its dependent bugs for more details.

  3. Can’t create a new event in TB 12b1 using Lightning 1.4b1 latest. This error in both Win7 x64 and Linux x64

    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Location: chrome://calendar/content/calendar-event-dialog.xul
    Line Number 463, Column 19: <menuitem id="options-timezone-menuitem"


    • Philipp Kewisch


      thanks for the note! I’ve immediately uploaded new beta builds to, which are waiting for approval. Expect this working again later today.


    • Philipp Kewisch

      Hmm I was sure I commented but I can’t see it. Anyway, this is fixed in 1.4b2.

  4. It proved annoyingly hard to get a link to download Lightning 1.3, starting from the Add-On page of Thunderbird.

    I had to search for minutes. Until by miracle a “Windows download” button appeared on a page where I’d been before and not seen it (and since this page was still open elsewhere, I can confirm the button was indeed not there !!!)

    (Looked like this one but I can’t vouch it was it — smoke and mirrors…)


    Plus how come the automatic update of Lightning to 1.3 along my semi-automatic update of Thunderbird from 10.2 to 11 failed ?

    And also, isn’t Lighntning signed somehow ? The 1.3 download I used triggered the warning “unknown author” or something like that. After my confidence got shattered by all the hassle described above, this was a near showstopper.

  5. TB 12b1 automatically downloads Lightning 1.4b2 but where do I download the b2 xpi file? The nightly site only shows 1.4b1.

  6. Further to your below reply via Reviews page – sorry for using that!
    Do you get any error consoles messages? Is lightning really installed and enabled? The calendar data comes back as soon as you have a working Lightning installed. Please don’t use the reviews as a support forum!”
    Lightning IS installed and enabled. I can add a new event to the calendar and it displays only that new event.

    There were error messages – multiple instances of:

    “2012-03-20 17:23:55 gloda.datastore ERROR got error in _asyncTrackerListener.handleError(): 11: database disk image is malformed”

    I suppose that would say that the database is bad… but trying the backup copy also gave the same results. Running integrity check via the SQLITE utility shows no errors. The database seems to be completely readable. I can see my events in it.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      The database with the corruption issue is likely a different one (global-messages-database.sqlite? Not sure what its named. I’d suggest creating a new profile and seeing how it works out from there.

  7. I’m on TB 12 beta/linux, and using comm-beta nightlies with it. Problem is, the nightlies are 1.4b1, and addon update always updates me to some 1.4b2 that is NOT working. Any chance to stop this update deadlock?

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Udo, 1.4b2 only differs from 1.4b1 by one line of code and fixes the issue that the event dialog doesn’t open. What kind of errors are you getting?

      • I’m running TB 12 beta 2 (Windows XP) and Lightning 1.4b2 and found that Lightning basically stopped working after the TB beta channel upgraded me to 12b1 and Lightning 1.4b2 was automatically downloaded. When I click on the Calendar tab, the calendar pops up, but nothing except the hours (and only 00:00 – 21:00) on the left hand side is displayed in the “Today” view (or any other view, for that matter). No events are shown or even lines separating the hours. The Month view in the top left highlights dates that had events assigned to them, but when I click on the date, the “Today” view doesn’t change and the events don’t appear. Also, to close the Calendar tab, the cross (or “x”) on the right doesn’t seem to work. Instead, I have to right click on the tab and select “Close Tab”. I’ve tried disabling all my other add-ons, but that didn’t help. I had no problem with TB 11 and Lightning 1.4b1. Just wondering if this was the same thing that Udo was encountering with 1.4b2 or if this is a different issue?

        • Philipp Kewisch

          Could you check your error console? There should be a few errors there.

          • There are quite a few error messages listed in the error console. I won’t list them all because there are too many, but the first few are (from oldest to newest):

            – Could not read chrome manifest…(filename)

            – Error: undefined entity
            Source File: chrome://calendar/content/calendar-common-sets.xul
            Line: 422, Column: 7
            Source Code:
            <menu id="task-context-menu-postpone"

            – Error: undefined entity
            Source File: chrome://lightning/content/lightning-toolbar.xul
            Line: 125, Column: 7
            Source Code:
            <toolbarbutton id="calendar-goto-today-button"

            – Error: undefined entity
            Source File: chrome://lightning/content/lightning-menus.xul
            Line: 417, Column: 9
            Source Code:
            <menu id="ltnTaskActionsPostponeMenuitem"

            – Error: undefined entity
            Source File: chrome://calendar/content/calendar-unifinder.xul
            Line: 89, Column: 15
            Source Code:
            <menuitem id="event-filter-currentview"

            – Error: undefined entity
            Source File: chrome://calendar/content/calendar-task-view.xul
            Line: 77, Column: 11
            Source Code:
            <textbox id="task-text-filter-field" type="search" flex="1"

            – Error: document.getElementById(kWorkdaysCommand) is null
            Source File: chrome://calendar/content/calendar-base-view.xml
            Line: 289
            (this error is repeated two more times)

            – Error: uncaught exception: [Exception… "Component returned failure code: 0x80004003 (NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER) [calIDateTime.getInTimezone]" nsresult: "0x80004003 (NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://calendar/content/calendar-base-view.xml :: today :: line 537" data: no]

            There are a lot more, but hopefully that will be enough to give some kind of idea. Could this be time zone related, as we just switched over to Daylight Savings Time on March 11th?

      • Basically, with the auto-updated 1.4b2, calendar is mostly non-functional, calendar sheets empty, views not switchable, etc. Quite familiar to me, calendar looks that way on each major version update of TB, and I usually fix it by installing a new comm-beta. Just as this time, except that the comm-beta got replaced by that strange 1.4b2 every time.

        Some of the error messages I see:
        – Some undefined entities in chrome://calendar/…xul files and chrome://lightning/…xul files (menu, toolbarbutton, menuitem, etc)
        – document.getElementById(kWorkdaysCommand) is null
        from chrome://calendar/content/calendar-base-view.xml
        – LOTS of ReferenceError: calendarController2 is not defined in chrome://global/content/globalOverlay.js line 86
        – Some calendarUpdateNewItemsCommand is not defined from chrome://calendar/content/calendar-management.js line 247

        I also see the chrome manifest error, but it seems to be caused by the dictionaries. Looks quite similar to AJ’s. And its probably not Daylight Savings, as we still have some hours left until we switch.

        • Based on your description of the non-functional aspects of 1.4b2 that you are seeing, and the error messages, it looks like we both have the same problem. If you haven’t switched to Daylight Savings yet, then perhaps it’s not related to that. Just thought it was a bit of a coincidence, as some of the recent changes appeared to be time zone related and parts of North America had recently switch to Daylight Savings.

  8. I have the same problem as described here…

    Lightning keeps switching back to 1.2.3 and getting disabled.

    is this a lightning issue, or a thunderbird one?
    I think it works ok on my home computer, but not on my work one where I’m not an admin. Could this be the issue?