Lightning 1.4b3 released, fixes critical issues with 1.4b2

For those of you using Thunderbird 12 betas with Lightning and having trouble with 1.4b2 (calendar views empty, lots of errors in the error console), please do upgrade to Lightning 1.4b3. This error shows up with certain locales, that were wrongfully included in 1.4b2 but not ready for production yet. The situation is described in more detail in bug 736717.

For those of you using the Provider for Google Calendar, this beta release (yes, in Lightning, not in the provider) also fixes an issue that causes events in secondary calendars to be moved to the primary calendar on edit.

The final Lightning 1.4 as well as a new Provider for Google Calendar release is due on May 1st, 2012 and will include mentioned fixes, in addition to numerous other bugs.


  1. Had to revert to 1.4b2 as 1.4b3 killed my calendar entirely in Thunderbird 12.0b3

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Could you tell me more about the errors you are getting and what OS you are using? For me it works fine using Mac OSX.

      • I am running TB12.0b3 and Lightning 1.4b3 on Windows 7 64-bit.

        However, with additional time and testing, I determined the problem was not with Lightning, but rather that Norton IS 2012 is identifying calbasecomps.dll as a threat and removing the file during installation of 1.4b3. Disabling Norton IS during the initial installation and startup has resolved the problem at least temporarily.

        • Philipp Kewisch

          Ok, thanks for the heads up! I’ll see if I can contact Norton to resolve the issue.

          • For clarification, the threat from calbasecomps.dll is classified as a WS.Reputation.1, which in shorthand means the file is so new that Symantec doesn’t have enough information yet to judge its reputation. It does not mean they’ve identified the DLL as an actual virus. Norton is simply being aggressive about removing an unknown to prevent zero-day threats.

  2. Noticed something had changed for the better when Lightning popped up a Reminder panel when I brought up Thunderbird today. I’d been following bugs 736717 and 741727 since Lightning basically stopped working when 1.4b2 was released. So far, no problems encountered running 1.4b3 with TB 12 beta 3 (Windows XP). Happy camper. :)

  3. First of all, thanks for the great work.

    I’d like to now if I am the only one who has a problem syncing public google agenda. It uses to work perfectly, but, nowadays, I can only sync my private/shared agenda : all the public/special agendas (like holidays for example) don’t sync without any change on my part.

  4. Q. So why doesn’t Lightning 1.3 work correctly with Google Calendar yet? (syncing events and dismissing alarms) I have two calendar apps for my Android smart phone that seem to do that just fine!

    Just askin’

  5. Hi, I got a problem after updating my lightning 1.3 to 1.4 this morning (due to the update from TB11–> TB 12)
    When I use the call meeting funtion, If I want to add in another meeting member from my contact list, the contact name and mail address can not be normally displayed. I can only see a blank space. ( I use Tranditional Chinese version. )
    Lightning 1.1 ~1.3 works well on my computer. This is the first time I got such a problem

    my system is Win 7 64-bit. Thanks for your help.

  6. Andrew Allison

    First, thanks a million for this great tool!
    However, as has been pointed out elsewhere, getting “Lightning 1.x is incompatible with this version” with every release of Thunderbird is a pain. Could it be something as simple as the auto-update default?
    Also, it would be very helpful for the non-expert user if the documentation were kept up to date (the weblog makes no mention of 1.4, and its “More” page is for 1.3 and includes an invalid URL. This makes life unnecessarily difficult for dummies like me.

  7. Andrew Allison

    Sorry, I forgot: Win7 Pro, Thunderbird 12

  8. Andrew Allison

    There appears to be a major glitch in 1.4: appointments can only be the default value in duration (if the end time is changed, the begin time changes). I’ve reported one manifestation (inability to schedule multi-day appointments) of this as a bug. Please don’t take offense., but feel that I should draw attention to what, in conjunction with my previous comment about documentation, appears to be a QA problem.

  9. Paulo Andrade

    I installed Thunderbird 12.01 and could not reinstall Lightning, tried 1.4 and other versons with no success.

  10. Paulo Andrade

    Forgot to inform my configuration, it is: Kubuntu 12.04 on a HP Pavillion dm-4.
    Lightning was installed and working in TB 12.0

  11. Hi: I noticed the Lightning 1.5b2 version but none for Windows. Soon?

  12. the current Lightning offering for windows dated 5/10/12 does not work with the current daily, TB 15.0a1

  13. hi there,
    my lightning calendar (with google provider) is running super slow since i updated on thunderbird 12.0.1.
    it takes 5 min to read my calender and when i want to add new events the calendar does not respond for a long time. before all went well. i talked to a friend and the same problem with him. we noticed that this problem came into place with the update to thunderbird 12.
    if possible, please fix soon!
    besides that, thanks for all the good work

  14. I’m beginning to rethink using Lightning and going back to iCal simply to get compatibility between my calendar and my iPhone.

    Then… why use TB if I’m using iCal? I might as well move back to Mail

    It makes no sense to me to use iCal and Lightning for the same entries simply to get iPhone synch’ing.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      You can easily sync between iPhone and Thunderbird/Lightning using an external server like Google Calendar. Just set up your Google Calendar on each and the entries will be in sync. Works fine for me. If you want an integrated solution using cable/wifi sync, thats more than complicated since its not easy (if at all possible) to hook into iTunes to allow selecting Lightning as the calendar client to sync with.

  15. Hi. What’s the status of 1.5b2? Are there development problems?

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Hi John. We will post a blog update on this shortly, but 1.5b2 should be working correctly now. It was 1.5b1 that had some issues, especially with mac.

  16. 1.7a1 still does not work for me on Daily 15.0a1 Windows version. It says they are not compatible and won’t install. The latest version of lightning I find is dated 5/10.

  17. What is the situation with 1.5b2? Linux x64, Win32?

  18. Why there is no new build for Win32 and Thunderbird Nightly 15? My calender is now almost one month not working. Any hints? Thanks!

    • Philipp Kewisch

      We’ve had IT issues, I hope we have these resolved very soon. I’m sorry this has been taking so long, but some of the factors were out of my reach.

  19. I would like to sync Lightening with my ical on my iphone. But I do not want to put my data on the cloud/share it with Google. The lack of a simple solutions to do this will eventually force me, albeit reluctantly, to ditch Thunderbird and Lighting and return to the Apple alternatives. Any ideas?

    • Sorry, local synchronization is a substantial amount of work, I doubt this is something I will get to soon. I’ve heard BirdieSync (commercial) allows local synchronization, but I’m not sure it also does iPhone sync.

      If you would like an alternative to Google, check out I’ve met them personally and they look trustworthy :)