Lightning 1.5 Released

We are happy to announce that Lightning 1.5 has been released, compatible with Thunderbird 13 and SeaMonkey 2.10.

This version fixes an issue that caused some events not to appear in the views due to invalid data in local calendars.

The full list of changes in this version may be found here.

For those testing development builds, we are currently working on some issues preventing new nightly builds of Lighting 1.7 and 1.8 on Windows and Mac. Testers are encouraged to use development builds of Lightning 1.6 in the mean time.


  1. It doesn’t work in italian language!!!!!!
    It’s only in english!!!!

    • matthew.mecca

      There will be a version 1.5.1 released soon that will include some locales that were not included in version 1.5.

  2. e l’italiano????

  3. Thunderbird was updated as was Lightning bit Lightning still doesn’t open. It stopped a couple weeks ago. “Calandar” is listed under the View menu but it’s greyed out.

    • matthew.mecca

      Are there any calendar related error messages in Tools -> Error Console?

      • Not that I can see.

        • Problem solved thanks to Matt. (there was no actual problem)

          • Hey, what was the solution? I seem to have the same problem. Thunderbird 13, Lightning 1.5, Calendar greyed out in View. I can still access it via the right taskbar, but not in a separate tab at the top. In the error console I have a lot of warnings, but no errors connected to Lightning, as far as I can see.

          • Philipp Kewisch

            Often this is due to using the wrong combination of versions. Make sure you are using a compatible version and all should be well.

          • In reply to Niel’s issue, I’m having the same thing. I’ve uninstalled Thunderbird, and Lightning. I’m pretty sure I’m at the correct versions. I can see the Events and Tasks listed on the right hand side, but can’t see the full Calendar tab using View > Calendar as it’s greyed out. I’m using Thunderbird 13.0.1 on Windows 7 64bit, with Ligthning 1.5.2. This worked until I upgraded from Thunderbird 8. There are no warnings or errors in the Error Console. Anywhere else I can look?

  4. Hello, dear developers,
    I get the Chinese portable edition Seamonkey in the official website. It has the compiling identifier, Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686 on x86_64; rv:13.0) Gecko/20120604 Firefox/13.0 SeaMonkey/2.10. However, it couldn’t work with Lightning 1.5. I had tried to check the Lightning preferred settings in the add-ons manager, but it gave me this message:
    Can’t find the file jar:file:///home/owen/seamonkey/omni.ja!/chrome/messenger/content/messenger/preferences/preferences.xul. Please check the address to see if it’s correct and try again. Also, I double-checked it with Add-on Compatibility Reporter 1.1. It provided the similar answer.

    • I forgot to say thank you all for your listening and contribution to the world. Thank you.

  5. I’m trying to install the contrib version of ligthning release 1.5 into thunderbird 14 for solaris x86 but the Add-on proccess give me an error: “Lightning could not be installed because it is not compatible with Thunderbird 14.0”
    I also tried thunderbird version 12, version 10 and version 8 with same results
    Am I missing something?