Invite Attendees bug in 1.5.1, Mac OSX nightly build available

Many of you have already mentioned this, thank you for the feedback! This is obviously an important issue so we will release an update that fixes it. I will upload it to within the next 12 hours, then it only needs to go through their review.

Users depending on inviting attendees are advised to downgrade to Lightning 1.5.0 until the Lightning 1.5.2 release is live.

Also, on a side note, we finally have a new Mac OSX nightly for Thunderbird Daily! You can get it on, as always. Windows is so close to being ready. There was another IT issue which is fixed now. Now another build automation issue showed up, which is hopefully the last one.


  1. This same issue occurs for Windows.

  2. Is there a fix for Windows 7.0? Thank you!

  3. David Maddock

    Tested 1.5.2+sm earlier, Attendees can now be added correctly, however user Free Busy has stopped working.
    Calendars are CalDAV.

  4. Thanks for that tip. I’m running Windows 7 and Thunderbird 13.0.1. I uninstalled Lightning and installed Lightning 1.5 as per your instructions. Now inviting attendees works again. Thanks for the help!